The only fixed line service that gives you 1 number for all your incoming & outgoing calls.
  Regardless of how many fixed lines you have in your organisation, you will only have 1 NUMBER for ALL your incoming and outgoing calls
  All calls regardless of departments or desk you are calling from will reflect your Organisation as 1 IDENTITY
  Simple & hassle free, no more different and confusing rates for calls to mobile, outstation or even some international countries. We charge
you 1 RATE
1 Number Fees RM35 / month for 3 lines (*Additional RM10 for subsequent line up to max. 30 lines)
1 Rate   CUSTOMISABLE (click here for standard IDD rate)
Rental   FREE* (*Free 1 line rental of RM18 / month for every RM100 on your monthly usage)
Usage Commitment   NIL
Installation   FREE* (*Free installation on Edgecomms’ line only)
Contract   1 Year
  To subscribe, please contact 1700 81 8181 or submit your enquiry form.  
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